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Why Should You Consider A Vintage Trunk Coffee Table?

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We’re all familiar with and fond of coffee tables. You probably already know that we all adore a vintage trunk, especially one designed for a square coffee table. The styling possibilities, the nostalgia, the charisma, storage possibilities and so much more are so exciting about the vintage trunk coffee tables. We’re a little obsessed – in a good way – because there’s so much to adore! We have the most beautiful collection of antique trunks to offer our vintage enthusiasts.

A good vintage trunk is not just full of character, but also history. Many of these vintage trunks still bear their original stickers. These stickers transmit our customers back in time. We could keep loads of trunks in our house because we adore them. Even if you are not considering all the reasons we have mentioned above, here are the undeniable reasons why you should consider a vintage trunk coffee table for your living room and how you can style it effectively. Dive in!

Why Should You Consider A Vintage Trunk Coffee Table?

  • Helps you bridge the gap in the living room

In larger interiors, coffee tables come up with their own ideas. If you have a lot of large rooms in your house, you will frequently require something to occupy the floor space. Adding tables and chairs haphazardly does not always look good. However, carefully placed Vintage trunk coffee tables can help to tie the entire interior together and add the required essence to the aesthetics.

A coffee table in the centre is an easy way of filling this space. Remember that you can get sizable coffee tables that successfully span the gap, creating a kind of “bridge,” ensuring that everyone who utilises your living room feels connected, even if the space is large.

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  • Providing additional storage space

When you utilise a trunk table, you can keep all of your essentials close at hand. It can also be used as an antique bedside table due to the ample storage space it provides. Simply place your bedroom light and clock on top, and then you’ve created a brilliant side table. Unlike traditional coffee tables, our vintage trunk coffee tables not just look great but also function well.

  • Vintage tables convey stories

What could be better in your living area than conversational furniture? Nothing. That is why we recommend using an old vintage trunk coffee table. You’ll be able to experience the rich history that these trunk tables have to offer. Vintage coffee tables will provide plenty of stories, from old stickers to original names to scuffs and marks from travel warships. Even if the surface is a little uneven, it adds to the character. Plus, the aesthetic vintage appeal of the trunk tables is surely unbeatable and will add an unparalleled look to your interiors.

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Final Thoughts

Mixing and matching furniture styles demonstrates a true sense of style and makes your home truly one-of-a-kind. These old trunks make really good decorations, despite their simplicity and obviousness. In our opinion, vintage travel trunks are masterpieces of art, and having one in your home can add a lot of charm and authenticity. Each trunk is a visual treat thanks to the deep browns as well as various brushstrokes of leather and canvas.

Furthermore, old trunks like these were embellished with brass hardware as well as interesting features. These characteristics make them even more unique. So why not use them that way? An old trunk will add tonnes of style to any room, whether it’s nautical, vintage, boho, or even wonderfully modern. Explore the breathtaking beauty of all types of vintage furniture pieces that we offer at Purana Darwaza. It is a one time deal for the lifetime and we assure you are not going to regret it!

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