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The Different Types Of Antique Wooden Statues

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A well-designed home reflects the personalities of the individuals who reside in it. The placement and choice of antique wooden statues play an important role in creating a captivating mood in addition to a peaceful environment in which to strive. Every statue, regardless of whether modern, classic, or ancient, has a distinctive design statement, giving the collection a unique blend of heritage and fashion.

Literally billions of home decor statues are accessible, but only a few craftsmen provide a sense of authenticity. We’re here to help with some new and beautiful handcrafted sculptures which will not only make your interiors appear fashionable but also give the place a personal feel. Dive in to explore the decent yet most elegant collection of vintage statues that the team Purana Darwaza offers.

Different Types of Antique Wooden Statues

Vintage Wooden Ganesha Statue

Lord Ganesh, the god of inauguration and success, sits on a lotus flower for this vintage statue. You can place it in your pooja room or in the living area or maybe any other place suitable. The tusk of Ganesh demonstrates that the sensible individual possesses both enormous as well as fine discernment in this greedy world. The broken tusk symbolises the wise person’s transcendence of duality. Ganesh possesses four hands.

And the lotus flower is the symbol of awakening and is held in one hand. In his other hand, he holds a hatchet, which represents Karma. The third-hand holds Laddu, an Indian sweet that rewards wisdom. Ganesha is thought to be worshipped for good fortune and prosperity. Thus, this Vintage wooden statue can be an ideal one for the positivity that every house needs.

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Vintage Wooden Horse Heads

Allow your imagination to guide your individuality. These lovely horse heads are made of teak wood and are about 90 years old.  These are extremely rare and valuable pieces, having a lovely patina on them. Choosing traditional horse-headed antique wooden statues for a cozy little corner with some gorgeous metal pots will give your favourite corner the best classic design.

The stunning hidden corner is not only what you need to unwind after a long day, but it also adds a stylish touch to your home. These horse heads will indeed look great as a centerpiece on any table or to dress up your bookshelf or console. Bringing good fortune and the productive energy to your space, these horse heads are an ideal fit for all the vintage lovers.

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Vintage Wooden Lakshmi Statue

The Hindu goddess of riches, fortune, as well as prosperity is Lakshmi. And having her in your space in the form of this Laxmi antique statue is surely a blessing for the house as well. The Goddess Lakshmi’s antique wooden statues are made of teak wood. Lord Lakshmi sits on a lotus pedestal, holding a lotus in her hand, which represents fortune, self-knowledge, as well as spiritual liberation. Her four hands comprise four goals of human life that Hindus consider to be proper – dharma, kama, artha, as well as moksha. Especially for the upcoming festive season, this laxmi vintage statue is surely the most ideal fit to all your decor requirements.

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Final Thoughts

Decorative artifacts and antique wooden statues for interior decoration can add visual interest and a feeling of personality to any room.  Consider placing aesthetic items that fascinate you well about the house as a conversation starter if you have a lot of guests. Thus, explore all the breathtakingly beautiful vintage statues offered by the team Purana Darwaza. With a touch of spirituality, astrology and vintage aesthetics altogether, these vintage home decor statues are the classic pieces of elegance that you need for your space. 

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