How To Decorate With Antique Furniture?

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Here’s some good news: vintage or antique items are regaining popularity. The traditional interior has grown in popularity as more people seek ways to integrate comfort and familiarity into their homes. Antique furniture is slowly gaining popularity, just as conventional interior design is.

However, not everyone knows how to embellish with antiques, especially if your home is decorated in a modern style. Many of us would either keep it to gather dust or sell it, but did you realize that vintage or antique furniture can add a lot of character to your interior?

Fill your home with personality by following these tips for decorating with antiques in modern spaces. We like antique furniture because it is unique. That’s something you won’t find in any store these days. It also has a story to tell and a conversation you definitely need to hear.

The conventional antiques carry a bag of heritage beauty with them, and this adds so much character and adornment to the pieces. Not to mention that antique furniture complements any interior design style. So, if you’re confident that it’s finally time to bring out your great antique furniture pieces, here are some tips on how to mix as well as decorate with antiques in contemporary spaces!

How To Decorate With Antique Furniture?

Antiques can be used as decorative accents

Keep it subtle by combining your antique furniture with the other pieces of home decor, such as a square coffee table or entranceway bench. It may still differentiate it from the rest of your decor, so we recommend pairing it with decor in a contrasting colour to make the space appear balanced.

Combine antiques and reproductions

Decorate genuine antiques with reproductions, which are pieces of furniture designed to look like antiques. It’s visually appealing because both pieces create a lovely juxtaposition when placed side by side. Add home decorating accents such as ceramics, a tray, as well as plants to balance out the look.

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Combine Antiques and Modern Décor

Pairing antiques with modern cultural décor is an intriguing way to decorate with antique furniture in modern spaces. It gives your home an incredibly diverse style and a one-of-a-kind feel, instead of something that appears ordinary and common.

Make a Style Statement

Antique furniture is indeed a show-stopper that doesn’t need to be paired with other décor items because it stands alone. Make sure it complements the other pieces in the room to create a balanced look.

Antiques of Various Styles and Eras

Mixing antiques from various styles and eras tends to make the space appear more eclectic and full of personality. With this strategy, you could create a contemporary boho or modern eclectic decor in your space.

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The Vintage statues add the charm

When antique furniture is added with the positivity and fortune of vintage statues, the combination will end up creating a timeless look. It balances and visually appeals to the space. Plus, the vintage aesthetics these antique statue carry with them to your cozy corner is surely unbeatable.

Repurpose Old Items

If you have an antique furniture piece that doesn’t go with the rest of your home’s décor, we recommend repurposing it rather than throwing it away. You could repaint and style it to match the style of your home.

Use these tips to spruce up with antiques in modern interiors and create a curated look in your new house with tons of unique characters that won’t ever go out of style. Purana Darwaza‘s Design blog has more interior design ideas and tips as well as everything you would like to know about the vintage and antique furniture pieces. Also, make no delays while grabbing a glimpse at the most exquisite collection of antique wooden furniture.

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